Meet the Team

Rockford Collaborative Practice is a local association of lawyers, mental health and
financial professionals offering couples and families the collaborative process as an alternative to traditional, litigated divorce. The members have special training and are dedicated to resolving complex family law issues in an atmosphere of respect, honesty, cooperation and integrity to promote the well-being of the family.

It all starts with a phone call or e-mail. All the professionals listed below are trained in Collaborative Practice and are ready to help you and your family. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, just click on or call a Collaborative Practice professional today.


Collaborative Attorneys:

  • Laura Baluch, JD
  • Janet Fuenty, JD
  • Keith S. Morse, JD*
  • Sandra J. Slaga, JD*
  • Rolf A. Thienemann, III, JD*
  • Steven Whitmore, JD
  • Deborah S. Loos, JD
  • 815-962-6611
  • 815-239-9044
  • 815-967-5000
  • 815-968-3402
  • 815-962-1910
  • 815-315-4301
  • 815-544-5418


Coaches and Child Specialists:

  • Eileen McCarten, MS, LCPC*
  • Lu Jenkins, LCSW
  • 815-877-7228
  • 815-229-7799


Financial Specialists:

  • Debra A. Aurand, CPA, MBA, CDFA
  • 815-762-0539


*Fellow with Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois and member of IACP

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