Contemplating a separation or divorce? Worried that a traditional divorce will have everlasting devastating effects on you, your partner and the children? Is maintaining privacy and dignity while making important decisions in the best interest of all family members now and in the future important to you?

While it is extremely painful for a relationship or family to break up, many attorneys and mental health professionals believe the litigation process intensifies this difficult situation by escalating the conflict and creating more fear, anxiety and bitterness. If you have been seeking an alternative, Collaborative Practice is a world-wide movement committed to alleviating the conflict, fear and bitterness inherent in family law litigation.

Collaborative Practice is designed to provide the family members with services they need from professionals most qualified to address the complex issues of divorce. It relies on the clients, attorneys, mental health professionals and a financial specialist to form a team, bound by a formal agreement. The team works together to find creative solutions and maximize benefits to the family by using their communication, mediation and professional skills.

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